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Darbi Shaun

Darbi Shaun, a singer-songwriter from Houston, TX. This whole music thing started for me at 14, when I sang a song I wrote in front of other humans (not the Jonas Brothers posters covering my walls) for the first time at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, TN. They always say you get "hooked" and I guess that's true, because I haven't stopped since. Since then I've recorded two EPs and an album and played a lot of gigs. Some to just the bartenders, 3 people, 10 people, no people. But eventually I played for some people and have opened for musicians that I look up to and met people I never dreamed would know my name. At 17 I was recognized as the youngest top 15 semi-finalist in the National Songwriter Serenade Contest. I have had the honor of opening for Mike Eli of the Eli Young Band, Roger Creager (three times!), Walt Wilkins, Adam Hood, Cory Morrow, Justin van Sant, Jason Cassidy, Dale Watson and even Tracy Lawrence. Music has taken me to stages in Los Angeles, Nashville and across Texas. I am now a Texas A&M graduate (Whoop!) and have officially entered into “the real world”. The past four years have given me time to grow, write, change, try to figure out life, fail at figuring out life and write some more. I put all of these things into my new album, 4AM. I hope the songs make you feel.


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Darrell Kuykendall

Darrell got his start in the music business working for Blockbuster Music, where he discovered his love and passion for the music industry. From there he fueled his passion even more working for KIKK-FM & KILT-FM two major market radio stations in Houston, TX. From a successful background in Music Retail, Radio Promotions & Marketing to Event planning in Texas, Darrell made the move to artist management. With one of the most respected reputations, passionate loyalty from his clients and a long list of success stories, Darrell's strategy for 05 Entertainment Agency is to create a boutique roster of highly marketable clients that allow him and his team to deliver unparalleled results across all entertainment platforms. Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

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The decision to hire a band manager is one of the most important ones you will make. Managers are usually intimately involved in every decision you make as a band, and they have tremendous power to mold the direction of your career. What you expect your manager to do depends on where you are in your career.

If you're a new band, your manager should be promoting you to labels, trying to get you gigs, and trying to get things off the ground for you. If you're further along, your manager should be making sure other people are doing their jobs to promote your music. Of course, it makes sense to be cautious when you're shopping for management and to do everything you can to make sure you're hiring a manager that shares your professional vision and gets along with your personally. Keep these questions in mind to help you make a good choice.

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The actual time frame isn't as important here as the discussion that this question will spark. This is where you can find out what a manager thinks they can make happen for you and how they will get it done. You'll get an idea of what kind of contacts they have as well as more insight into the direction they think your music career should take. This question can also help you judge a potential manager's level of enthusiasm, and if it's where the band needs it to be.

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Bart Alan Woytek

Bart has a great love and passion for the more traditional side of country music. Country music greats such as Merle Haggard, Gene Watson, Vern Gosdin, and Keith Whitley are major influences that have shaped Bart's soul-baring country vocal and writing style. While constantly striving to improve himself, he has continued song-writing with and for other recording artists, since leaving the music scene 16 years ago. In the 90's, Bart had the great pleasure of performing and sharing the stage with other recording artists such as: Kenny Chesney, Neal McCoy, Roger Creager, Gary Allan, Steve Holy, Yankee Gray, Mark Wills, Charlie Robison, Randy Corner, Gene Watson, The John Evans Band, Perfect Stranger to name a few. Bart recorded his first CD, "Reckless Hearts' at Legends Studio in Nashville, TN for then, Houston based PVI Records. Bart's 1st release to major-market radio, "Tapestry Heartaches", co-written by Joe Diffie & Lonnie Wilson, was very well received by the Country Music Radio industry, charting a first Top 20 Hit for Bart in March of 2000. At the end of 2000, Bart released his first self-penned song, "Blue Green Eyes", and thanks to Leslie T. Travis, Host of the "Texas Music Revolution Show", and Texas Music fans everywhere he had another radio hit on his hands.

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Keely Renee

I was born and raised in Anahuac, Texas. Growing up in a small town I had many friends and family supporting my career as a country artist. I wrote my first song when I was 7 years old, after my Aunt passed away. It was one of the first heartbreaks i had in my life, & upon realizing it was a way to express my feelings and my life in words, i started writing more. My father used to hand me a broom, play Tammy Wynette's "D.I.V.O.R.C.E." and watch me as i pretended I was on stage at the Opry. I've always loved music. When I've had a bad day, i go home, pick up my guitar, and write a song. Music was there for me when people weren't and i couldn't be more thankful. I've been given this wonderful life and I would love to share it with you through my songs. I hope my music makes you smile, makes you believe in yourself, and most of all, is there for you when it seems like everything is going wrong. Because I wrote them for you and for them to do just that.

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Don Vickers

Growing up in Houston, TX, Don Vickers grew up with music as a staple in his life from his mother singing in the Houston Symphony Choir to family gatherings filled with acoustic jams and quartet concerts right in his grandmother's living room. At the age of 12, Don got his first guitar and life as he knew it would never be the same. Don was going to be the next heavy metal guitar superstar!!! Well, after many guitar lessons and countless hours of driving his parents crazy with all of the noise and distortion, Don finally learned to play his first song all the way through without all the "binks" and wrong notes. Don has come a long way since then and though he still thinks it would be cool to be in a rock band, country music is where his heart is! With many influences from various genres of music, Don Vickers has emerged as a naturally gifted vocalist and one of the hottest lead guitar players in the area. Having fronted his own country cover band, Misbehavin’, for over a decade, Don has been packing in the dance halls in Houston and surrounding areas, while breaking attendance records along the way and becoming one of the most sought after bands in the area.

Connect with Genevieve

Genevieve Allen

Born and raised in the Gulf Coast region of Texas, Genevieve Allen grew up competing in rodeo and working horses. Music has always been a huge part of her life. She initially studied classical piano, competing all across the state of Texas. But her musical world changed forever when her best friend turned on Houston’s 93Q and she heard her first country song. It was a Garth Brooks song. Genevieve quickly became obsessed with the music written about her world of rodeo and horses. She bought a guitar and started learning the music of her heroes: Garth, Chris Ledoux, George Strait, Merle Haggard, and others. Genevieve then started writing her own music; the first song from her pen was about the classic love tragedy of a cowboy, a girl, and a rodeo. She co-produced her first album, "Whiskey Kisses," with Worley McKinney, releasing it independently in early 2014. That music and her live performances caught the eyes and ears of legendary songwriter Chris Gantry, who brought her to LandStar Entertainment. She signed with LandStar in 2015 and began writing. The Western influence is undeniable in the music of Genevieve Allen.

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Kaitlyn Alyse

Kaitlyn Alyse has had a passion for music since a very young age. She would sit in the back seat of her daddy's truck and belt out all of the lyrics to "Take this Job and Shove it" by Johnny Paycheck. She began dance at the local YMCA at the very young age of three (and has continued with dance since). She continued with her love for music by joining band her 6th grade year playing the flute and becoming first chair. She made top band her 7th and 8th grade years. During this time, she begged her parents to buy her a guitar and find her somewhere to take guitar lessons. At the age of 13, Kaitlyn's Uncle Willie gave her his old Ibanez guitar for the two of them to start taking lessons with a local guitar teacher by the name of Derek Thibodeaux. She picked up the guitar very quickly. It didn't take her family, friends, and guitar teacher long to realize that she was really something special on it. Derek begged Kaitlyn to try to sing something, and she REFUSED! After months of pleading, Kaitlyn finally gave in. Her first song was "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash and she was awesome. Wasn't long before she had her first official gig at her grandfather's surprise 60th birthday party. That was the night she realized she wanted to pursue music.

Connect with Patrick

Patrick Murphy

From as early as 7 years old, Patrick Murphy can vividly remember the beginning of a life-long dream of becoming a Country Music Singer. He’d spin his favorite records and do his best “George Strait”, while sitting Indian style on the floor of his grandma's house. That floor was his first stage at an early age in Lufkin, Texas. One of his favorites was “Something Special”, and the boy learned every vocal inflection, every “lead ride” and every lyric, front to back. Murphy always had a passion for music and he comes by that passion honestly. Whether it was driving with his daddy on a back road in East Texas while singing along with the radio, watching Mom and Dad two-step the night away to a local band’s rendition of Ray Price’s “Nightlife” or listening to Momma sing in the choir, music was always in his life and it was always country. His roots and a love for traditional country music run deep with other major influences from the likes of Jones, Lefty, Waylon, Haggard, and Gene Watson, to name a few. As a teenager, Patrick sharpened his entertaining skills by entering talent contests and performing in the local opry shows. His family settled in Fort Bend County on the outskirts of Houston, Texas where country music was booming.

Connect with Philip

Philip Griffin

Growing up in a small town seems to be one of the best references for an interesting life. You walk down the street everyone knows your name and blue collar work is what you're taught. The city calls your name and the bright lights of Friday night can be seen from miles away. Teens grow up on simple philosophies; go to college, get married and the good ol’ American dream. The rumors spread by people are something of tall tales and fiction. So many of these things are present in the music written and performed by Philip Griffin Band. The bands EP release in 2009 “Philip Griffin Band” was just the beginning of small town pride and life lived through a young man’s eyes. The heart wrenching emotion of a love that didn’t last; “Left Us Here” to the triumph of “Watch Me Go”; the aspirations of “Worth It” and the countdown of the betrayal in “Running Out of Time”. Remaining on the EP is the true ballad of “Austin” and the honky tonk, two stepping success of “How Bout You and Me”. Griffin’s songs have such an emotional draw. They pier into your soul and create this amazing spectacle in your mind. The EP was just the beginning of the songwriting and heart and soul of each line that has been sung across the state of Texas.

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Summer Ashly

A small town girl with big dreams. Summer found her love of music at the young age of seven, where she sang her first solo in a quaint southern church modestly seating a crowd of 30, on the outskirts of town. Her passion continued throughout the years with musical influences stemming from old Gospel Hymns, Classic Country to Rock Ballads, all molding her stylistically. Summer's first single "Strange Light" released on January, 7th 2013 on iTunes and other major outlets such as Spotify and Google Play. The single was recorded in local studio Red Tree Recording Studio under the production of Jeffery Armstreet. It was a strange turn of events how Summer ended up recording in the very town she first discovered her passion to the very producer that helped cultivate that talent into her first written record.


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  • Easy Trim $13.50
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